Play in OBT, Win Exclusive PS4 Reward!
Announcements / 2019-03-12 10:47:56

At 23:59 PM on March 24th, rewards for PS4 players will be determined based on the final world rankings of the game's Ladder, Achievement and Battle Rating:

1. Top 15 Ladder: PS Store credits (Chinese and Hong Kong servers only, 100 and 160 credits respectively)

2. Top 15 Achievements: 30 days of PS Plus membership

3. Top 15 Battle Rating: 30 days of PS Plus membership


1. If the same account appears in the top 15 of two or more rankings, rewards  can be claimed for each of those rankings.

2. After players confirm their rankings on the 25th, please send the email that will receive the Redeem Code of the rewards to and indicate your Account ID and your PSN server. We will confirmation the relevant information and the exchange code will be sent to your inbox of the email provided by the player within 7 work days.

3. If your score is the same as another player, the ranking will be decided as shown in-game.

4. The above event is restricted to PSN players in China and Hong Kong