Epic Console MOBA:Genesis Returns for OBT!
News / 2019-03-11 13:44:13

The next-gen MOBA game Genesis has announced its dual platform Open Beta Test on the PS4 & Steam on the 7th of March. This masterpiece created with Unreal 4 Engine is a new generation of MOBA utilizing joystick control. It had a PC test at the end of last year and many MOBA enthusiasts have many great things to say about Genesis and eagerly await its release.


We are in the final countdown for the upcoming test which not only allows for many more players, but also provides never before seen content. This is the best opportunity to try out Genesis and the new game-play experience of a console MOBA.

【Solid Game-Play  Epic Controls】


Genesis kept the traditional game-play of MOBAs and made innovative changes to the control and systems, thus creating an epic game that satisfies players off all kinds. Whether you are a console gamer looking for a recreative and relaxing MOBA or a PC player seeking the excitement of competitive matches on a new platform, Genesis is sure to deliver! Its stunning graphics and epic story will captivate all gamers.

【New Version Reveal】


Even though Genesis received overwhelmingly positive feedback during its initial PC test, the development team still made many changes to the game. Based on suggestions from our dear players, Genesis has optimized its graphics, hero models, game-play as well as balance, thus welcoming gamers old and new with a brand-new version.

【Dual Platform OBT   Innovative Console MOBA】


Those who missed the previous PC test should seize the upcoming opportunity and hop on-board the Genesis hype train by participating in the dual platform test. Jump into ladder competition and win mystery rewards if you can manage to secure one of the top ladder spots!


If you are new to MOBAs, and merely wish to try out Genesis, we have unranked matchmaking and a campaign mode for you to experience. The cherry on top is that you also get a chance to win a limited-edition cosmetic you can use in the official game.


【About Genesis

Genesis is a Next Gen MOBA developed with Unreal 4 Engine. It features 5v5 competitive gameplay, story campaign and other game modes. The game boasts of smooth gameplay and stunning graphics, coupled with its intuitive joystick control, Genesis is an innovative MOBA tailored for console gamers.


Genesis Official Site: http://www.genesismoba.com/

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Genesis_Official-417170482154479

Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqusiNRfK3U

Official Twitter: @RampageGames_CN

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/EQPszfS