Gamers Vote on the Top 3 Female Heroes of Genesis
News / 2019-03-11 13:44:34

As a MOBA game with various uniquely designed characters, Genesis has left a lasting impression on gamers during its PC test. Among the crowd favorites are 3 beautiful yet deadly female characters, now let’s take a look at who they are and why they emerge as top 3.


【The Godless Swordswoman: Kannazuki】


Kannazuki is a member of the Promethean Force, a branch of super soldiers under the Space Fleet Command. Born in Earth Federation's Japan, Kannazuki is an heir and practitioner of Musashi, a kendo discipline. To prove women are equally capable in battle, she sign up with Space Fleet and was later recommended to join the Promethean Force by her CO.

She quickly gained fame in the Force as few could rival her unparalleled skill with a katana. Although Kannazuki proved her mettle, she is still a young lady far from home. She covers her face with a mask during battle to honor the ancient traditions of Musashi.


As one of the few heroes in Genesis with oriental background, Kannazuki is very different from traditional portray of Japanese girls. This disparity is what makes her such a favorite among players. She attacks in flourishing moves and leaves opponents stunned at her insane explosive damage. However, if you wish to master Kannazuki, it requires you to have great control.



【The Queen of Dipoles: Amber】


Amber was once a scientist of Space Fleet's Mars Research Station and never thought she'd one day see combat. An experiment gone awry changed her fate forever. During this accident, Amber was swept up in an intense electro-magnetic storm, none present thought she could survive. After the storm subsided, Amber's colleagues saw her walk out, unscathed.

Soon, Amber discovered she can absorb and store electro-magnetic particles. She could also channel these particles to form a protective shield, or release them to devastating effects. Amber designed an electro-magnetic drive to enhance and modulate her power.

Space Fleet took notice of her abilities and transferred her to the Promethean Force. Amber soon adapted to life on the battlefield, using her powers to the satisfaction of her CO.

With her cyberpunk design and glowing eyes, Amber is both mysterious and dazzling. She can be a good DPS or a good support, which is a big reason why she is so popular.


【The Ice Queen: Elvira】


The snow-covered planet of Finbur is a peaceful one. The extreme cold hardened all life on Finbur, and so its people are tough and resilient.

Their peaceful existence was shattered by the invasion from Baleheim, led by the Baleheim king, the Tyrant of Flame. They waged war against each other for years, countless lives were lost, among them, the king of the Finbur people.

Under dire circumstances, the only daughter of the king, Elvira was crowned the new Frost Queen. Carrying the hopes of her people and burdened with self-doubt, Elvira set out to save her people.

Elvira is strong in nature, yet her design helps gamers see a certain vulnerability. This makes Elvira so life-like and relatable. She has great cc abilities which makes her a superb supporting character.


Now you know which 3 female heroes are the crowd favorites, does that make you want to try out other wonderful characters of Genesis? Register for the upcoming Open Beta on the official site and seize this great opportunity!


【About Genesis】

Genesis is a Next Gen MOBA developed with Unreal 4 Engine. It features 5v5 competitive gameplay, story campaign and other game modes. The game boasts of smooth gameplay and stunning graphics, coupled with its intuitive joystick control, Genesis is an innovative MOBA tailored for console gamers.


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