October 25th Patch Notes
Announcements / 2019-10-24



Dear Players,

We have updated the game to the newest version, here is the detailed patch notes:


New Content


Halloween is here in Genesis!

1. The Lobby and map Aspiro Enclosure is now Halloween themed


2. New Halloween events” Halloween Costume Party” and “Quest for Halloween”. Complete quests to unlock new cosmetics and Halloween exclusive Avatars, Frame and skins




3. New items added to the Limited section of the Shop

Discount items period: 10.25-11.7, after which items go back to full price

Poseidon - Trench Demon


Elvira - Undertaker


Minotaurus - Nether Dragon


Poppollock - Hallow Crown


Wing - Corrupter


Exclusive items period:10.25-11.7, after which items won’t be obtainable until next year

Hades - Trick No TreatHalloween Exclusive


Observer - Jack HallowHalloween Exclusive


Level Up Effect - Pumpkin CarvingHalloween Exclusive


Teleport Effect - The ConjuringHalloween Exclusive


Trailing Effect - PoltergeistHalloween Exclusive



4. Added ‘Vicinity Pan’ to Settings – R3 Camera Pan. After enabling, players can use R3 to view area within 1200 radius around the hero. Release R3 to re-focus on your Hero



1. Optimized the size and location of Icons such as MVP in Score Screen

2. Optimized text color of World and Team Channel

3. Optimized message display in World Channel


BUG Fixes

1. Fixed the black screen bug upon log in

2. Fixed the bug preventing some players from reconnecting to the game

3. Fixed the friend list bug displaying wrong friend status

4. Fixed the display bug showing ‘In Match-making’ as status after you exit a game and return to Lobby

5. Fixed the skill cooldown info discrepancy of Jones

6. Fixed display bug of certain items in the Shop

7. Fixed the wrong calculation of team fight participation percentage in Score Screen

8. Fixed the bug causing player’s hero avatar to go gray even after reconnecting

9. Fixed a PVE bug causing Selinda to get stuck in an invisible wall

10. Fixed the bug causing Galath’s mini map avatar to bug out after using Dauntless Charge or dying

11. Fixed the Pentagram display bug in Player Records

12. The recommended item is now automatically purchased after 15 seconds when player has enough gold

13. Skill cooldowns are now correctly shown in-game



About Genesis


Genesis is a Next Gen MOBA developed with Unreal 4 Engine. It features 5v5 competitive gameplay, story campaign and other game modes. The game boasts of smooth gameplay and stunning graphics, coupled with its intuitive joystick control, Genesis is an innovative MOBA tailored for console gamers.


Genesis Official Site: http://www.genesismoba.com/

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Genesis_Official-417170482154479

Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqusiNRfK3U

Official Twitter: @RampageGames_CN

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/EQPszfS