The Chrono Mage
What can be more harmless than a cute little girlscout blowing bubbles? This one is not as naive as you think! Background



Blink Bubble

Leda fires a bubble of light ahead of her that damages enemies in its path. Trigger the skill a second time teleports Leda to the bubble's location.

Spacetime Distortion

Distorts spacetime in a region around Leda, damaging and silencing enemies.

Phase Crystal

Leda transforms into an extradimensional crystal, becoming invulnerable. She cannot move or attack while in crystal form. She instantly reverts to her regular form upon using items or abilities.

Relativistic Prison

Leda uses her phase disruptor to create a spherical barrier of relativity, stunning and damaging targets. If a target moves out of the barrier, they are stunned a second time.


  • Standard Loadout
  • Artemis' Boots

  • Scepter of Zeus

  • Helm of Hades

  • Radiant Shield

  • Refractor Prism

  • Encapsulator

Skill Order

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